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Online Marketing Tips For Schools To Increase Enrolments

Schools are businesses and attracting enrolments are as important as finding customers. Many schools are still relying heavily on 'old school' media like newspapers, billboards and other print media.

We've listed a few online marketing ideas for schools to increase enrolments. Online marketing strategies can target your audience, are measurable, and are considerably cheaper and more sustainable than traditional media.

The Website Experience

Parents use a school's website to get a feel for what the school is about.

The website should be easy to navigate around, and provide useful information that is relevant and up to date.

Pictures and videos on the website should be recent, showcasing the atmosphere in the school.

Ensure that the website is responsive on all devices - desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile phone.

If a parent is looking for information or contact details, make sure it's easy to find - people don't want to waste time searching, the easier it is for them to find what they're looking for the better the impression will be.

Use A Blog

A blog is a great way for students, teachers and principals to share short stories and interesting information that will speak to the parents, and give a special insight into what the school has to offer. It's also a great opportunity to get all parties within the school environment involved to share information and it's all readily available on the school's website for people to read and have a look at.

Build A Community On Facebook

Facebook has so much more to offer than just sharing information to the page. Facebook offers great advertising features where you could advertise your upcoming Open Day.

If your school doesn't have a Facebook page yet, it's definitely something that you should have to share exciting news and stories to the school's Facebook community. It's a great way to showcase your school and post things that are happening in that moment. It's also a simple way to give parents an idea of what happens on a daily basis within the school environment.

Engage With Students and Alumni On LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a professional platform that encourages networking with other individuals in similar industries or organisations. By creating a LinkedIn Page for your school you have the opportunity to engage with students and alumni on a professional level, and keep them engaged and up to date with what is happening at the school they attended. It's also a great way to allow for the alumni to network with each other at a business level.

Create A Downloadable Brochure

To save money on print media, create a brochure with information for potential parents about the school. It is also something that can be emailed out to potential parents and they can have a look at it as they open the email. Make it available for download from the school's website too to allow for easy access.

Optimise Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a great way to have your school's website at the top of Google searches. It can be quite a lengthy process to ensure you're using the best keywords but by using these keywords across the website effectively through the information in the website and through the blog posts will help push the website to the top searches. It's incredibly useful in the long run and once those keywords are added to the website through SEO, they can be used continuously through information shared in the future.

Use Your Offline Media To Promote Your Online Presence

Ensure that your school's website address is on all of your print media so that parents can find more information about the school easily. Although online media is a great way to market, and is significantly cheaper, offline media should be used effectively to leverage the online media marketing.

Corz Online is passionate about education. We've worked with a few educational institutions and would love to be a part of your school's online growth. Get in touch with us if you would like more information about where we can help you!

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